A matter of historical record....


At 05.29.45 Mountain War Time, on Monday 16th July 1945, thirty-five miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, the world’s first nuclear weapon melted sand into glass; the implosion was twenty kilotonnes: one trillionth the energy converted by the meteor which had ended the Cretaceous; the blast was visible from orbit.

On 6th August, the B29 Superfortress Enola Gay dropped a similar weapon—Little Boy—into Hiroshima. Three days later, the Bockscar dropped Fat Man into Nagasaki.

On 15th August—VJDay—the Japs surrendered, bringing the second world war to a close.


On 11th June 1948, a year into the coldwar between the United States and the Sovetskiy Soyus, a Macaca mulatta named Albert flew halfway to orbit in a Vergeltungswaffe2 rocket, dying of suf­focation during the flight.

A year later, on 14th June 1949, AlbertII reached orbit at an alti­tude of eighty-three miles above sealevel, only to die on impact following reentry.

On 16th September, AlbertIII—a Macaca fasciccularis—was lost as his V2 exploded some six miles into the air.

On 8th December, AlbertIV died upon impact, as AlbertII had.

On 18th April 1951, AlbertV was killed after his parachute failed to open on reentry.

On 20th September 1951, AlbertVI, also known as Yorick, survived his ascension to forty-four miles, only to die, two days later, of unreported causes.


In 1985, the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus was discovered amidst growing concerns regarding HIV; it would be another two decades before a positive link between the two was established.


On 25th December 1979, during the Iranian Revolution, the So­viet 40th Army were deployed to Afghanistan, which they would occupy until 15th February 1989.

Their defeat gave rise to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda, and ultimately to the end of the Soviet Union.


On 11th September 2001, an unidentified object flew into a sky­scraper in Manhattan; within hours, it had been reported to have been the Boeing 767-223ER, N334AA.

Despite the evidence collected to support the object’s iden­tity, a fair percentage of Americans remained sceptical throughout the first decade of the century.


On 7th October 2011—the tenth anniversary of the beginning of Operation: Enduring Freedom—the White House was destroyed by a weapon of unconfirmed origin; there were no survivors.

That was four months ago.

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